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We're working hard to improve our website, but unfortunately, due to hard times and zero support from my community, I am going to have to enforce a paid subscription, to keep my forum licenses, SSL certificates, webserver, provider, etc.

As I have been haemorrhaging hundreds of dollars every year for the past eight years, with very little help what so ever, from my community members.

I do this work on my own time and have never asked for any money in return, but have offered a donation based on how you (the member) considers how helpful I have been, without any respectable success,

If this does not work, I will be forced to close my forums to the members who need it most, which will be very unfortunate, to those members whom need my advice the most.

Due to some personal issues, I am going to have to put back the date of opening, I apologise for any inconvenience.

With that said, we should be ready to launch after

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